Choosing the best whole house water filtration for your home

Choosing the best whole house water filtration for your home

Why install whole house filtration in your home?

Your home drinking water can be contaminated by chlorine, microbes, chemicals, industrial waste, pollution, sewage and quite a few other nasties. One of the most effective ways you can make sure that the water coming out of all your taps and water points is safe, clean and healthy, is by installing whole house filtration. To help you make a decision about what whole house filtration system is best for your home, we’ve walked out the pros and cons.

Which filter should I choose?

There are three whole house filtration systems that are available from AlkaWay depending on your needs.

1. The Essential Safe Water Filter is designed for medium sized homes with access to town water.

2. The Optimal Safe Water Filter is the largest and most powerful
filter designed for larger homes that have access to town or tank
water. The Optimal is a 3-stage system, with the additional Ultra-D Submicron
filter containing Virus Guardian™  technology for added protection against
viruses and bacteria.

3. The Natural Safe Water Filter is designed for a medium to large home with two or more bathrooms with a natural or tank water source.

How much does it cost for install and upkeep?

Whole house filtration units can be easily installed by a licensed plumber for around $300. Maintenance of the whole house filtration system is very cost efficient. Replacement filters are recommended every 12-24 months depending on water quality, allowing you to enjoy your clean water supply for a minimum of $518.00 a year or around $1.42 a day.

How does the technology work?

Our filtration systems have the highest level of filtration for removal of heavy metals, chemicals and sub-micron bacteria in the marketplace and have an Ultra D cartridge for heavy filtration: Their 1 micron rated sediment and bacteria removal cartridge ensures 99% of bacteria are removed down to 1 micron.

The AlkaWay whole house filtration system utilises radial flow technology in both the Essential system and the Optimal System, minimising pressure reduction throughout the household. This means you won’t lose water pressure when using multiple water points simultaneously.

What if I live in an apartment or townhouse?

AlkaWay’s whole house filtration systems are recommended for townhouse or stand-alone homes because they need to be correctly fitted to main water inlet. If you live in apartment, you will need enough space in the utilities room so that the filters can be properly fitted. If this is not possible and you still want clean and safe water, the UltraStream Benchtop and shower filters are recommended as an effective alternative solution.

I rent – what’s the best choice for me?

Whole house filtration is not the best option if you rent because you can’t easily take it with you when you move and you have to install it into the house system. If you are renting then consider the UltraStream Benchtop as an alternative.

What do I do about removing Fluoride?

Whole house filtration does not remove Fluoride. We recommend using the UltraStream filtration system with the whole house filtration system to remove fluoride and 99.99% of all other contaminants from your drinking and cooking water.

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