Alkalizing benefits

Drinking Alkaline Water

We’ve undergone many years of research and development to replicate the natural mineralizing water cycle.

Rain falls and seeps through layers of soil, rock, and sediment.
Each layer provides naturally occurring minerals to boost the pH and – if the minerals are the right minerals – infuse vital molecular hydrogen into the water.
As it soaks through our Earth, it gathers a natural level of hydrogen, helping create a much more hydrating water that has the ability to act as a selective antioxidant.

With our UltraStream we simply emulate the process of nature.

The best, most natural alkalizing and hydrogen system coupled with the best filtration in the world. And reports coming in every day of the effects UltraStream water is having

Most of us have never considered that water may be our primary health regulator.

We now know that without sufficient water that our peak zone of health will always elude us. Just like eating more dark leafy greens, the benefits of drinking alkaline hydrogen water are numerous and wide-ranging. Remember that if you’re hydrating with alkaline hydrogen water, you’re neutralising the acid-forming carbohydrates even found in the best of dark leafy greens, and you are constantly assisting your body to ‘stay clean’ of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. (free radicals)

Like a life-giving stream of water, it’s always needed.

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Weight Loss


It’s the core belief here at AlkaWay that weight gain and loss IS about diet, but not about calories and fats.

We all see people switch to zero calorie sodas, smaller portions or low carbs.  And we see short-term results at best.

Our body obviously doesn’t agree with our mind or our eyes.

Every client we have ever had in our last twelve years of intense consulting has taught us something. In the beginning, we believed it came down to the forgotten secret; our acid/alkaline ratio.

If it was only that, it would be easy.

Food and Supplements


With ionised alkaline hydrogen-rich water everything works better.
Water is the delivery system for each and every nutrient we consume.

Every one of our biological, electrical and chemical processes of the body occurs with the help of water. It just makes sense that as the major part of our body, water should be something we need to consider seriously. For a small example, consider the cost of those supplements… and then ask yourself if the water you drink supports or inhibits their absorption and beneficial effects.

The difference is that because it all happens’ inside’… we don’t see it, so we often don’t believe it, or at best we ignore it. But we have seen and read so many testimonials by drinkers of our water that we have no doubt that our water is the most efficient delivery system right to each individual cell when compared with tap water. The first glass you have will prove it to you. It slips down; so many users describe it as ‘silken’ water. Getting enough water (which most of us DON’T do) will support proper detoxifying flushes of our body.

Modern life toxifies daily… so it makes sense that we detoxify daily!

Water is the ultimate ignored health secret. Alkaline hydrogen water has been studied and reported as better for our health than ordinary water for over a century. If you’d like to read the report on the studies, Click Here.