The Attacking Bear and Your Health.

The Attacking Bear and Your Health.

Imagine this.

You are a pioneer in the old West.

You have staked a claim on some amazing pristine land. You plan to bring out the family as soon as you have a cabin built. You'll plant food, hunt, fish, and you can already picture your beloved cooking dinner on the open fire in the cosy, warm cabin.

There's just one rather large problem. The bears.

It's grizzly country, and you know a grizzly kills efficiently and randomly. That's why you sleep in the wagon rather than on the ground. That's why a gun is always by your side . That's why you've worked on developing your own 'grizzly radar'as you walk your trapline. And that's why, even though every lonely night, as the wind moans around the wagon, your heart bleeds for the comfort and love your family gives you.

Fast forward to 2019.

The bear problem is over.
Now you have the economy, and politicians who seem to be able to wreak almost as much havoc on your daily wellbeing. You have tried to ignore them but.. there's the TV, the internet, the billboards, the elections.. they are more present than any grizzly. It's 24/7 stressors.

You no longer think about trying to rid your world of them. Over the hundreds of years there's always been another new threat. The wars, the Spanish flu, Aids… And they've always been overcome – well almost – only to be swiftly replaced by a better model of threat.

So you've decided that the only way to get the love, the safety and the stability you deeply desire is to concentrate on things you can affect and manage.
Your job.
Your business.
Your relationships.
Your belongings.

Of course, speaking honestly, the job isn't too safe.
With almost a million public servants picking up no cheque, the effects are seeping back towards you and your job. (Bear)
And because everyone else seems scared, they aren't buying like they used to.
Less cars, less luxuries, less everything – so your business seems harder than ever – but gives you less return for more effort.(Bear)
Your relationship seems to be prey to your job and your business.
You made a deal to keep working, keep providing, and as is often the case, you feel a failure as the basics you decided to make important lose their ability to support you. (Bear)

Buying things doesn't seem to help any more.
Previously buying something made you feel good. A success because you could buy things. A conqueror when you got the best price. Now your garage is full of past victories..

What about back in the woods?
Was your basic strategy having enough bullets? Shooting enough grizzlies? And wolves. And Bison. And.. and.. and… what about the rats that ate your corn?


It was your health.
Your daily ability to wake up and be aware, be capable of reacting to situations, of being able to work hard enough to keep the bears away. Having a clear mind, a strong body and the underlying health to support mind and body.

Underlying health was your primary need. Has anything changed?

Seemingly, lots.

Firstly, you had no pollution.
You ate no chemically laden food.
There was no such thing as EMF radiation.
You didn't sit for hours hunched over a screen that slowly fritzed your brain.
You didnt have massively complex health decisions, or thousands of people telling you that you are sick and how they can fix you.
You exercised in the open, not in a gym full of lycra.And yes, you never didn't exercise.
You ate everything you caught or grew.
You drank water that was pure, and you drank lots of it because the rum ran out months ago.

And yes, you didn't have a crowded mind laden daily with audio, visual or internet piped psychologically targeted messages into your home, on the road, at work…

But.. what have we still got? Your primary motivation.
Health. Health to permit everything else to happen.

So are we different to our former selves?
Are the bears still the enemy?

I would suggest that today, our greatest enemy to our ongoing health is ourselves.

What sort of pioneer would willingly sit at a computer for hours a day? (assuming he could!)
What sort of pioneer would allow someone to add chemicals to the food he just shot or grew?
What sort of pioneer would prefer to scroll through web pages more than going out and engaging with nature?

You think the latest pitch from the latest webpage selling the latest Amazonian berry or nut or bark or root will give you the safety you secretly desire.
You think running on a treadmill is better than walking to work because you don't have time to walk to walk and anyway you listen to your podcast as you drive.
You believe that doctors and specialists and dieticians – anyone other than YOU have control over your future health and hence your future options for a fulfilling life.
Your bear still lives within.

What you have lost is the belief that YOU are responsible for YOU.
You: consisting of 70% water, don't even replace the water you lose with new, pure water.
You drink anything but WATER WHICH IS WHAT YOU ARE!

Is it reasonable to give your power away to others? Are you better off than your previous pioneer self? Can you reclaim your own past power – the power that got you though the bears, the floods, the wars, the droughts.. the power of self-love, self-support, self health!

Cassie and Ian

I'm very serious about my health because at age 72 I realise how incredibly lucky I am.
I am healthy.
I am active.
I can eat healthy food and drink amazing water.
I grow our own vegies and herbs.
My brain isn't fried.
I still have a libido.
I have time to just sit.
I have a choice of how long I spend in EMF.

And I have my decisional power.

Yes, I use doctors to routinely check that I'm still breathing etc. But I don't have a dependent relationship with them so i don't see myself as victim of the doctor.

I self-help – some people say self-health.. as much as I possibly can.
That is my real inheritance and my power.

If you spend time on my website you'll see how I do it.


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