Our Stupid Exhaust Fan

In our office, the kitchen exhaust fan blows the smoke from the cooktop–back into the kitchen.

It’s a closed loop, a noisy device that doesn’t do much except make you feel like at least you’re trying.

Most of the exhaust fans in our lives are actually part of a closed system. The detritus, pain or actions we share don’t go very far away before they turn around and head back toward us.

It reminds me of how I've tried to buy health. Health as I knew it was the short time between assorted, random ailments. Then there was the exhaust fan approach. Look for the magical supplement that has a bit of everything and therefore should fix my currently moaned-about health issue. Suffice to say the miracle never really happened. But once I understood that I should look a bit deeper.. then the need for a better way than a recirculating exhaust fan idea happened.

I understood that the body, like our kitchen isn't a closed system so circulating unwanted metabolic waste was a nasty idea. It was an amazing multiple input/output system, capable of taking in anything.. but releasing anything too. So DRINKING ENOUGH GOOD WATER became not a chore but a celebration.

The simplest thing we can do for our health – raise a glass of water to our lips… seems so simple that it can't promise anything more than relief from thirst. But ah, it do SO MUCH more, utilising this amazing body rid of those 'exhaust fumes/metabolic wastes quietly and efficiently.

And having my UltraStream to give me the best possible water – pure, alkaline and hydrogen supercharged.. well that makes that cupboard full of used-by supplements kinda weird!