Molecular Hydrogen Inhalers: Reviewed and Compared

At AlkaWay we may seem slow in introducing new products. That's because we've been around long enough to understand the importance of testing new technology before unleashing it on our valued and loyal customers. So it's taken some time to get to a point of confidence that we can support the new molecular hydrogen inhalers and water infusing systems.

Here's our intro video

Ian Blair Hamilton, Founder, and John Carroll, our design engineer, review four hydrogen inhalers. Each one is quite unique, but represents a particular need of the customer.

We've also created a comparison chart that you can download to make your decision easier.It will be ready next week (10th Dec)

The links to all videos are not yet up because we're finishing off editing them, so please drop in again soon. (Today is the 5th of December).
Inhaler #1 by Hydrogen Technologies

This unit is the only índustrial grade' inhaler we review. It's built to conform with hospital operational standards.
We've used it at home for 3 months.
This video is from a meeting at AlkaWay with Jim Wilson, inventor.

Inhaler #2 Hydrogenie from USA

Inhaler#3 TPH-100 from Taiwan
Coming soon

Inhaler #4 LaBriller-Elan from Japan

How to get one and what does it do.
This video is a casual talk from Ian that shows us how it can help us.


Where are we?
Talk to John in USA
Talk to Angela in Canada
Talk to Callum in UK
Talk to JJ in Singapore and Malaysia
Talk to Michael in Australia
Talk to Leon in NZ