Coffee and your Mouth. Very Important to Know! cover

Coffee and your Mouth. Very Important to Know!

Make it Easy to stay balanced. We eat alkaline foods for their alkaline mineral content, so why not simply eat the alkaline minerals our body needs instead? Too simple.

Carcinogenic Drinking water Claims

Carcinogenic Drinking water Claims

A new study from the Environmental Working Group claims that even tap water that has been dubbed 'safe' may not be and could increase cancer risk. ~USA TODAY A new report from an environmental advocacy watchdog group cautions that carcinogenic products in tap water may altogether increase cancer risk for thousands of U.S. residents over a lifetime. […]

Cancer: Greedy for Sugar

Despite an abundance of scientific proof that sugar is cancer’s fuel of choice, there appears to be no decline in the amount of sweet foods consumed. Researchers writing in the journal Cancer Cell show how leukaemia ‘steals’ glucose from normal cells to feed its own growth. Surely this one report is sufficient ‘proof’!