Cancer: Greedy for Sugar

There aren’t many people around who haven’t had some kind of brush with cancer, be it themselves, friends or loved ones.

In the developed world, cancer rates are sitting at a stunning 2:3 ratio.

Looking at the prevalence of diets high in ultra-processed foods and sugar, alongside the increase in obesity and metabolic disorders, it’s easy to see why cancer has become so prevalent so fast.
However, despite an abundance of scientific proof that sugar is cancer’s fuel of choice, there appears to be no decline in the amount of sweet foods consumed. Researchers writing in the journal Cancer Cell show how leukaemia ‘steals’ glucose from normal cells to feed its own growth.

Surely this one report is sufficient 'proof'!

Smart Cancer
Cancer has a range of strategies to steal glucose, which researchers believe is modulated in the gut. The mouse study found a lack of the genus bacteroides in the gut of mice with leukaemia – creating a gut environment that aided cancer's growth.

Our Experience
Over our 18 years we've talked to thousands of cancer victims seeking relief, and we'd dearly love to say that our molecular hydrogen enriched water helped them. Yes, there are studies, and yes, we get stories, but the sheer variations in cancer make any statement of cure naive at best, irresponsible and predatory at worst. only today I saw a water ionizer vendor claiming his water filter cures cancer. It happens when sellers are pushed to achieve targets rather than fully and sympathetically support someone who comes to us for help.

Longevity of cancer
many years ago while researching this subject i learned that we all have cancer cells within us. But it takes an accumulation of cancer-inducing foods or lifestyles – perhaps as long as 50 years, for those cancers to begin their mad multiplication.

Our Conclusion?
If indeed this is true- that we all have 'dormant' cancer cells, it appears to me that my own cancer-proofing strategy should begin as early in my life as possible. It's simple enough today to research the subject on the web, (even though it's becoming more difficult to avoid sellers like the one I mentioned earlier. Any website that publishes the latest scientific studies with summaries we can all understand, (e.g. Science Daily) is a great start.

Simply put? Today is the day to begin cancer proofing yourself!

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