One bottle of Water please.. with arsenic

One bottle of Water please.. with arsenic

So much for natural spring water!

Arsenic has been identified in unsafe levels in some USA bottled water brands including Keurig Dr Pepper. Starkey water's chief operating officer explained it away with the old ít's natural'' argument.. which IMHO, is getting rather er.. thin.

“It naturally flows out of the ground,” he said about the company’s spring in Council, Idaho. “We built, actually, a spring house over it so we can let the water go down to the bottling plant. It’s amazingly pristine water.”

According to Consumer Reports, between 2016 to 2017, Starkey Water—the name of Whole Foods’ brand—recalled over than 2,000 cases of water when tests revealed levels above the federally permissible threshold of 10 parts per billion (ppb),

One year later, Whole Foods’ own tests showed results that were under the federal limit, but still at risk levels risks if consumed, according to research and independent experts.

Consumer Reports reviewed hundreds of public records and test reports from bottled water brands, also from federal and state regulators.
It was found that several brands sell bottled water with arsenic levels at or above 3 ppb.

Bottled water anyone?

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