Once again, Ian Dives Deep and Uncovers Amazing Things from the Sargasso Sea of the World Wide Web!

Once again, Ian Dives Deep and Uncovers Amazing Things from the Sargasso Sea of the World Wide Web!

A tickle a day to keep aging away. Research suggests that “tickling” the ear with a small electrical current might rebalance the autonomic nervous system, which controls many of our body’s functions and breaks down over time. (University of Leeds)

Ditch stress, keep your bones. In a recent study, post-menopausal women who reported high levels of stress and low social support were more likely than their more carefree counterparts to develop brittle, fracture-prone bones. (Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health)

Why wait until your 60s to live out your retirement dreams? Members of Asia’s pro-aging movement are reimagining aging as a biological and mental mindset rather than a chronological construct — and embracing a more leisurely lifestyle as early as their 40s. (Quartz)

A PET scan could predict Alzheimer’s before you develop symptoms,but experts worry that the downsides of the test might outweigh the risks. One big concern: the overprescribing of expensive yet only modestly effective medications. (The New York Times)

How Roxanne Vogel climbed Everest faster than anyone before her. Using HVMN.

Deuterium Water from Russia. Take a look and ask yourself: are you sold on it?

Amazed? Terrified? Take a look.

Put a few cells away for when you need them? A new slant on anti-aging.

Salt from water via Solar here.

Why we made the Ultrastream remove trihalomethanes. Fact Sheet.

One man’s self-rescue from Diabetes.

Coffee as a Culturally Accepted Drug. Why? Anger supression.
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The failure of money.. and an Italian future money idea. A brilliant newsletter on today's economics.

Award Winning Motivational article that's really different here

Can an app on your phone guarantee a good meditation? here

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