How to Drink Water (and change your future)

Drinking Water can change your life. But which water?

Is that the dumbest headline you've ever clicked on? Perhaps.. or perhaps not.

In a world of changing technologies there are few things remaining as they were when we took our first breath, closely followed by our first drink.. (which wasn't water!)

But what if I told you water is changing too?

And not just in bad ways, like chlorine, chloramines, lead, radium, nitrates, PFOA's, BP-A, fluoride, heavy metals, volatile organics, 1,2,3-TCP, residual pharmaceuticals, pesticides..

But.. water is changing in GOOD ways too, so this short article may just be the jumping off point for your own rediscovery of how to drink and really benefit from drinking water.

The absolute, utmost, primal, supreme importance of water.

It doesn't take a pHd to understand that along with air, water is about the most essential life support we are given. But it's always been surprising that given this profound importance, both air and water are 'brushed off' as not in need of improvement.

The air we breathe caught in a traffic jam is, simply stated, carcinogenic. The water in a vast number of our cities is, among other things, dumbing down our kids plus delivering a whole range of ápproved''carcinogens. Today there are 600+ water contaminants listed with the EPA, and the EPA has neither the time nor the resources to tell us what we should do about them.

Here's a simple and unarguable fact of life. If you drink tap water you need a water filter.

It's not about feeling sick from a glass of water. It's about drinking water containing micropollutants every day of your life and accumulating them: a mishmash of toxins that roam free in your body, joining with each other to create unknown new combinations of toxicity with absolutely no clinical information related to them.

Our bodies are the waste dump for all these new contaminants that are in the water simply because we don't really know how they got there, nor how to get rid of them.

That's the bad news..
and I can point you to any numbers of supportive articles demonstrating starkly that our water systems are 'broken'.

The good news
is that water filtration technology has been getting smarter and smarter, and for those willing to do a small amount of research, the answers are there. One recent example is what we call Disruptor Technology. It's a new form of filter that allows large flow rates of water but attracts contaminants to electrostatically charged nanothreads. The result is a huge range of both organic and inorganic contaminants effectively removed beyond detection rates of modern labs. In simple terms, it gives you fast flow and high contaminant removal – something no other technology has been able to achieve before.

Masaru Emoto's Water Crystals

More Good News About Water

Dr Emoto
The other 'good news' is the amazing work of some scientists the establishment has decided to ignore – mavericks of water, like the late Dr Masaru Emoto, who discovering those intriguing patterns in frozen crystals and convincingly demonstrated that water hold emotional energy. In his book Ýour Body's Many Cries For Water Dr Ferood Batmanghelidj demonstrated the ability of true hydration to heal major trauma.

The Fourth Phase
Professor Gerald H. Pollack's book, published 2013, entitled The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor. He posited that water has three phases – gas, liquid, and solid; but there may be the presence of a surprisingly extensive fourth phase that occurs at interfaces. The formal name for this fourth phase is exclusion-zone water, aka EZ water. This finding may have profound implication for chemistry, physics, and biology.

These are but a few of many water pioneers who are challenging our traditional idea that water is simply something we drink to overcome thirst, to lubricate our body, and to help detoxify it.

Cassie Bond and Ian Blair Hamilton, Alkaway Founders and Tyler LeBaron

Molecular Hydrogen
Recently, biochemist Tyler LeBaron set out to show the world that molecular hydrogen (H2) in water had a vast range of health effects beyond simple H2O. The Molecular Hydrogen Institute, founded by biochemist Tyler LeBaron references over 1000 scientific studies of molecular hydrogen – most studies using water as the çarrier and source of molecular hydrogen, and there are over 150 health conditions referenced in the studies.
Five Major H2 Benefits (and many minor ones!) are described:

1. H2 is a selective antioxidant. It also supports the production of glutathione, our naturally produced antioxidant.
2. H2 supports our natural inflammation responses, accelerating healing from all forms of inflammation.
3. H2 has an anti-apoptotic effect.
4. H2 supports our natural anti-allergy responses.
5. H2 supports and augments our natural cellular communication system. This is the system that sends millions of chemical/electrical messages around our body to make sure everything works at the right time and in the right sequence.

Many surprising studies.
These include H2 water to alleviate Parkinsons' Disease, to help eye disease, to help with tinnitus, with Alzheimers, with radiation sickness, with healthy skin.. and many, many more.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water has a pH of above 7.

And of course, there is alkaline water, described as some as a health fad, but which, when researched properly, is revealed as a major factor in support of longevity and protection against major disease in 100+ studies in countries where people drink alkaline water every day. One study in Finland, which has a water supply divided into two distinct regions of soft and hard water, analyses over 100,000 death certificates to reveal that people who lived in hard water (higher calcium and magnesium levels) regions lived longer and lived healthier.
(Alkaline water is simply water with alkaline minerals in it. This is not the water produced by electric ionizers, which produced electrically charged high pH water with little alkalizing properties.)

At the beginning of this very short summary of how to drink water (and change your future) I talked about how people take water for granted.
Personally, I find it sad that our modern life keeps us so 'busy' searching for the latest supplement, the latest Amazonian berry, the latest instant cure in a bottle, yet seems to prevent us from taking a closer look at what we are: water!

Percentage of water in the body

Yes, we've all heard it before.
The average adult consists of 70% water, so it's water that walks around, water that thinks, water that talks and water that makes every decision. We are water. I am water. You are water. And how strange it is that we ignore this most fundamental fact about ourselves and deny it what it needs, what it offers us, and what we may achieve with a little simple water-love. Self love.

This article isn't written to sell you anything.

If you want more information about any of the waters I've talked about you'll find links below. The purpose of writing this article is to honour my own 'source' water, and to present water to anyone who reads it with the challenge of doing the same. Water, as me, has the power and properties to overcome almost any health condition. It has the power to help you think more clearly, enjoy exercising, to celebrate your own 'juiciness', and to head off the dreaded ailments that ageing usually mean. But you have to honour it by investing in it. By drinking good water you remain a fountain of health. By telling others about the importance of water in their life, you get the chance to help people for years after you talk to them. Drinking water today, talking about and learning about water water is the best investment in the good life I can imagine.

I have been drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water for 18 years. In that time I've have never had a cold or flu.

Ian Blair Hamilton is the inventor of the UltraStream, a water filter that alkalizes and infuses molecular hydrogen into water.

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