Getting the Best Value from Your Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Getting the Best Value from Your Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

I LOVE H2 vs Ultra I LOVE H2.

One question asked by customers keen to take advantage of the many benefits of molecular hydrogen is:

How do I choose between I LOVE H2 tablets and I LOVE H2 Ultra tablets?

We understand: this is new cutting edge technology and it has advanced faster than anything we’ve seen in our twenty years in the field.

Let’s begin.

The original technology for H2 tablets was to create a tablet with elemental magnesium and a dissolvable acid in the one tablet. When placed in water, the acid becomes active and begins to convert the magnesium to hydrogen and magnesium oxide. Sounds simple? Indeed. But it took some very clever chemists a long time to get the right form of magnesium and the right relationship of ingredients.

The first product on the market was made by a Serbian chemist.
It was an oral tablet – meaning you took it like aspirin, and when it hit the stomach, the Stomach acid assisted the incorporated acid to create H2 in the stomach. It worked quite well, but of course, it was difficult to know just how much H2 was released because it was already in the body. Estimates at the time were of around 1.5 mg/litre (Milligrams per litre of water).

At this time we were exhibiting at the Natural products Expo in California and we met a Russin chemist who claimed he could make better and stronger tablets. I told him to go away – and to call me when his claim was more than just that: claim.

Only four months later, he called me and sent me samples.
His tablet dissolved in water, but the molecular hydrogen gas released easily from the water in the glass into the air, meaning a net and almost immediate loss of H2. His answer to this problem was simple: use a small bottle of water, drop the tablet in, cap the bottle, and allow the H2 to dissolve, but prevent the H2 from escaping. It worked brilliantly and immediately increased the amount of available H2 in the water in the bottle.

We tested this new method and the Mg/L had jumped to (depending on the water source) as much as 1.4 Mg/L.
(The maximum H2 that water can hold is 1.6ppm)

What you need to know about Mg/L

Molecular hydrogen is incredibly small. It’s the smallest molecule in the known universe.

H2 Molecule

H2 = 2.01588 g/mol

(Water: 18.01528 g/mol
Iodine 253.8089 g/mol)

Because it is so small, the amount of H2 molecules in a gram are a stupendous number. This means even a minuscule amount has billions of H2 molecules. And this means that in one bottle we have the potential of flooding every cell of the body with hydrogen molecules. H2 molecules don’t just enter the stomach and slowly pass through the stomach lining or intestine.

They flow:
everywhere and in every direction. Their nfinitely small isize means that to them, the internal structure of the body is like flying through the Grand Canyon.

Only when they encounter a molecule that they can react/unite with does anything actually happen. If they don’t find anything, they pass right through the body and out again.

The more the better.

Practically, this means that the more H2 molecules you can ingest at one time, the better. By flooding the body with this harmless gas, you can reach everywhere; even the brain. The H2 molecule does not see barriers. It passes through everything, including bone.

This is why we are always looking at the Mg/L of anything that gives us H2. It doesn’t accumulate in the body. It’s a one-shot method!

Let’s now talk about Ultra I LOVE H2.

Ultra I LOVE H2 comes from a Canadian inventor, Alex Tarnava. He is a sportsman, a keen student of health, and a relentless searcher for better ways to do something. Alex saw the potential of molecular hydrogen as soon as he found the original product. But he believed he could do better. He was lucky; he found a chemist who, although saying he disbelieved almost everything Alex told him about the benefits of H2, managed to create a unique formula. It was unique for a very simple reason.

Alex’s Ultra I LOVE H2 didn’t need a bottle.
Drop it in a glass of water, wait a couple of minutes and drink the water.

And.. it delivered more than double the milligrams of the I LOVE H2 per litre.

So effectively, Alex’s hydrogen tablets more than doubled the net effectiveness of the I LOVE H2 product.

More on MG/L

Look closely at this term. It refers to how many milligrams of molecular hydrogen a tablet will deliver to a litre of water. If you use a normal 250ml glass, you may expect that you have concentrated the power of the H2. Not so. You simply get the same amount of H2 that you’d get if you dissolved the tablet in a litre of water and drank it all.

(This is very important when comparing water filters and ionizers that claim to produce H2)

I LOVE H2 will produce around 1.2mg/L


Ultra I LOVE H2 will give about 4 mg/L.

Ultra I LOVE H2

If a 60-tablet of I LOVE H2 costs you $60 and a 60-tablet bottle of Ultra I LOVE H2 costs you $80, what is the best value?

Here in Australia you receive 60 x 1.2mg/L of I LOVE H2 at a cost of $49.
And you can order 60 x 4mg/L of Ultra I LOVE H2 at a cost of $79.

You get 1.2 x 60 Mg/L doses from the I LOVE H2 at a cost of $0.82c per tab
You get 4.0 x 60 Mg/L doses from the I LOVE H2 at a cost of $0.40c per tab.

I think that will solve your ordering dilemma.