Chronic Fatigue: Can Hydrogen water help? New study is encouraging.

Chronic Fatigue: Can Hydrogen water help? New study is encouraging.

A new study we located this week has a pretty clear answer to that question.
Here’s the link to the study, but after 5 years of drinking and inhaling molecular hydrogen we have our own ‘testimonial’.

Molecular Hydrogen isn’t… what many of us want in a supplement. We want alleviation of a particular problem in our bodies and hope that this latest magic and usually highly promoted) supplement of Ethiopian Strangler Vine extract will do the job. And in a couple of weeks, it joins all of the other half-finished expensive supplements in the cupboard.

Our experience of hydrogen isn’t like that.

Hydrogen, to us, is a ‘background’ whole body support. The 1000+ scientific papers at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute’s nonprofit information site demonstrate a vast range of apparent benefits to either inhaling hydrogen or drinking hydrogen-rich water.

We don’t drink UltraStream Hydrogen-rich water for a particular purpose.

WE drink it because we have had the personal experience of a clearer brain, better nervous system, soft skin and steady energy. We don’t actually know what it’s doing in our bodies, but in the few instances we haven’t been able to access H2 water, we very quickly realise we’ve returned to our ‘old’ body state.

And we don’t like it!

There have been some situations where we have seen a cause-effect instance with the use of molecular hydrogen. My partner Cassie was hit by two careering dogs on the beach 4 months ago, and fell like a tree, with a broken leg. We used a hydrogen inhaler to help her with the huge inflammation-causing terrible pain. The results were observable within hours.

If you’d like to try molecular hydrogen there’s an easy way to enter the H2 world. Our hydrogen tablets generate high levels of hydrogen just by being dropped into a glass of water. Two months supply is less than $100.

Here’s a newly-released study on the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on chronic fatigue.

And here’s a link to our website where you can learn more about the best and easiest way for you to access molecular hydrogen for health.