Bill’s Hydrogen Health Story

Bill Mabry is a fellow contributor to a Facebook group dedicated to Molecular Hydrogen that I subscribe to.

I think his search and discovery of molecular hydrogen is one we can all learn from.

Bill's Story

I was a major skeptic when it came to H2.

I am a retired strength and conditioning coach for over 35 years, my wife basically forced me to do H2.

I had chronic arthritis in both shoulder so bad that I could only sleep on my back, my wife used to wake me up because I was moaning because of the pain. They eventually locked up on me, had to stop training and surfing.

I tried other sports, didn't realize how much you do use your shoulders, all because of my past profession. The only thing I did was started to drink the water that had the H2 in it, she made drink about 1 gal per day, nothing else just water, I had to make my coffee with this water, just in a few days I started to feel a different, actually started sleeping all night with much pain.

Even then I still was not going to say it was the H2 in the water.

After about a week the issue were getting less,. In 3 weeks I started back in the gym.
It wasn't overnight but there was something going on.

At this point is when I started do do my own research not only on myself put on hundreds of research site, and of course following what Tyler is doing on his research.

I don't care who you are or how many PHDS you have or how many years you have in medical field, don't ever tell me H2 was not therapeutic for me: I will blow you right out of the water.

It's now been 7 years. I am 66 years old, taken no supplements, eating clean drinking about 1.5 gal of H2 per day. I work out 6 days per week and H2 is my only recovery drink. This is where I am now, with no issues with my shoulders and no surgery, does it look like my shoulders are underdeveloped?
This is how you do research!

Ian: Bill, you're a legend! Want to learn more about molecular hydrogen and how it can help you? Here you go!

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