Why Does My Tap Water Smell Bad?

Why Does My Tap Water Smell Bad?

With thanks to Bari Ben-Harim, PhD Physics & Mathematics.

Most tap water is way over chlorinated. That’s because we let idiots called lawyers run things.

The lawyers tell the water authority that they can be sued for under chlorinating, but not over chlorinating. If I were a lawyer, I’d sue them for over chlorinating.

Over chlorinating kills everything, and over time it’ll kill you. Not all bugs are bad, most bugs are good. Chlorine is a toxic gas. Your plants and garden don’t do so well on chlorinated water. That should be an indicator. When water comes from the mountains, and most cities own water at its first use, very little chlorination IF ANY is needed. The goal is not to kill everything, but to kill ecoli and maybe a few other bugs. Science should drive the chlorination, and the output should be continually measured.

Instead lawyers push water authorities to be lazy and stupid.

Chlorine tastes and smells to me like rubber.
I’m sure some experience it like me, others experience it differently. I hate that smell, I hate that taste, and I won’t have it in me. I often send tea or coffee back at restaurants because I can taste and smell the chlorine. It’s fine for bathing, but I won’t drink it. But for bathing, I don’t need chlorinated water at all. It’s chlorinated for drinking, making it undrinkable. Did I say stupid? And expensive.

Did I mention I’ve been drinking flowing water raw for decades? And once from a stagnant pool with animals swimming in it! Never gotten sick, except where people crapped in it, and then a good boil or a good filter will kill/remove everything without chlorine.

A better solution is not to chlorinate our tap water, save the money, and either deliver people bottled water to drink (and get the karma of the ever-increasing plastic overload.

Or people can use a filter to make drinking water. It will save a lot of money, maybe half.

..Oh, and fire all the lawyers. That’s the other half.