What’s Your Future Sanitising Strategy?

What’s Your Future Sanitising Strategy?

Personally, even though I live in what might be one of the better places on the planet for NOT getting infected, I reluctantly realised that it’s time I got serious about formulating a strategy. I’ve mentioned the use of H2 as a way of remaining healthy – and therefore less susceptible – and where I have to, I wear a mask.

On a related note, we began planning our latest version of the UltraStream about a year ago, incorporating newly available NASA-developed filter technology that is NSF-tested to remove up to 99+% of viruses, bacteria and cysts, with no reduction in flow rate (meaning you don’t have wait for a glass of water!)

As we promised, everyone with an UltraStream will receive the VirusGuard technology when they order their next filter replacement, and anyone buying one new will have it in their brand new UltraStream. We never stop working on improving UltraStream. Maybe that’s why we sell so many.

Also as a part of my strategy, I’m using a special form of water that is an EPA-approved disinfectant- without the chemicals.

I can spray it on my mask, on my hands, or even into the air when I am in a place I don’t feel comfortable. It’s an airborne sanitiser with up to a 99% kill rate. No cloying fruity smell, no residue. And it breaks down into… You guessed it! Water.

For me, all those cheap and nasty artificial aroma disinfectant squirts I subject myself to every time I enter a shop.. well, I’m over it! And the articles are already appearing on the skin problems emerging from using these alcohol-based disinfectants. We have a shipment coming from Korea at this moment so if you like the idea, let us know.

(I should add that we also use the same special water at home for all sorts of things. We spray our veggies to double their lifespan. We spray in the toilet to instantly neutralise pongs. We spray into the toilet to keep it as clean as possible. We keep I on hand for all forms of stains. We spray chopping boards to kill bacteria. There are more uses but frankly, I can’t remember them all.)

Back to our strategy… Yes, I think this spray bottle is something that will become essential for anyone looking seriously at avoiding becoming a statistic. Stay in touch and we’ll let you know when we are ready to supply them.