What will a simple change of alkalinity do?

..We get letters…

This is one. Now.. please be aware. We are not saying this result will always happen. You should always consult your medical practitioner before making a change to your normal health regime. So.. this is for information purposes only.

AlkaWay Alkaline Booster: the 4 Essential Alkaline Electrolytes

"…yesterday a friend came to me.
Hes an older gent, refuses to go have his prostate checked but reported blood. So I gave him some of your product and showed him how much and what to do. I will monitor him and in 2 weeks send the first report.

He understands moving the body from acidic to alkaline. I do believe his issue will fix itself with your product. more update to come.

And here's Victoria's update

"Hey Guys, so after giving our product to my neighbour with his reports of bleeding from the bowel, he reported to me how amazing the product is, how great he feels, the bleeding stopped and like I said to him, convert to alkaline and watch your body heal. He then wanted more so I showed him where to buy it here. Happy to say I knew it would work. Well Done Alkaway.

We replied.
"Hi Victoria, apologies for the delayed reply… That is so good to hear! Can you let us know which product he was using and how long he was taking it before the bleeding stopped?

'"I gave him Alkaline Booster. He wasnt using anything before it.
He is a man who does great damage through drugs to his body and complained of the bleeding so I told him to give the powder in water a go and showed him the pinch i use. He said he feels amazing now. Wants more so I showed him where to buy!