My 7 Big Takeaways from 18 Years on the Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water

My 7 Big Takeaways from 18 Years on the Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water

Alkaline Foods are NOT the easiest way to alkalize.
Neither is  ‘Alkaline’ Water.

Ian Blair Hamilton


There are thousands of websites proclaiming the value of alkaline foods and ‘alkaline’ water, but we prefer to ask one question:

“What – exactly – do we need to alkalize and rebalance?”

I’ve been ‘on the Alkaline Diet trail’ for 18 years. I’m 72 in December. And I am TOTALLY grateful for my ongoing health, vitality, virility and immunity.

But was I good little alkalizer? er.. No!

I sincerely hope you’ll spend the 5 minutes here to absorb my story. I think it’s extremely relevant to anyone on or contemplating alkaline water or alkaline diet.

For my first years, I was a vegetarian.
And I was totally unaware that my bread-grain-fruit biased diet was loading me with carbs, while my fruit salad every day for breakfast was loading me with the nastiest of sugars, fructose!

About 2 years into my chosen diet… 
I began to experience great pain turning over in bed. Cassie suggested I had gluten intolerance. Unconvinced that this could cause so much pain, I dropped all wheat products.

No back pain since!

Fast forward another 5 years..
..and we began to study paleo diets, mainly because of the benefits I experienced from reducing carbs. The philosophy made sense, the science made sense, so for the first time in 14 years, I ate some meat.

Grass-fed, Organic. Free Range.
And almost immediately I experienced a strong increase in (for want of a better word) ‘power’.
I felt powerful.. integrated.. for the first time in 14 years.

About 6 years ago, still eating my dark leafy greens every day, still off the carbs and sugars, at age 65, I took a fall off our son’s skateboard. (Yes, yes, I know what you are saying about silly old men..)

It wasnt a heavy fall.. but I broke my leg.

And that was how I discovered (despite all the claims of the bone-saving benefits of the alkaline diet), I had severe osteoporosis.

Thanks once again to my beautiful partner Cassie, I discovered Vitamin K2.

This is the vitamin vegetarians miss out on, but it’s the vitamin that allows systemic calcium to be transferred from the blood and the tissues to where it belongs: the bones.

Without it, a high calcium diet, or water, or supplement regimes, is only going to create plaque, add calcium to our muscles as fascia, and begin to block our waterworks. I had plenty of calcium but it couldn’t get to my bones!

Four scans later I’m slowly regaining bone density, although at my age it’s still slow.

My 7 Really, Really Important Conclusions

  • An Alkaline diet is great as a REPLACEMENT for acidifying, unnecessary fools: bread, grains, too much fruit, too much meat, processed foods.. all the usual culprits. Not so much as a balance against the acids, but as a REPLACEMENT for them.
  • An alkaline diet is also and perhaps even more valuable as a way of getting a broad spectrum of the nutrients we really do need for cell health: phytonutrients, some vitamins and enzymes, antioxidants… and it’s my long term view opinion that these nutrients have at least as much benefit if not more than the alkalizing capability of the foods.
  • Alkalizing with the four big alkalis is essential.
    How you do it is up to you. but some of the minimum intakes of things like Kale as recommended by famous Alkaline Diet aficionados are..well, unrealistic. You’re not going to do it.
  • You can alkalize without any diet change.
    It will help you to get back to health. But I believe it’s what you DON’T do which is equally important. By removing the addictive foods, my body breathed a sigh of relief. I felt calmer, I enjoyed my food, I ate less, and yes, I even looked better!
  • You can alkalize most easily by a daily flat teaspoon of a good 4 alkalis supplement like our own formulation Alkaline Booster.

    After all, when you strip away all the sales talk, all your body wants is enough of these four minerals so it has the power to call on them to immediately and effectively neutralise incoming acid attacks.

  • Most ‘alkaline water’ sold, especially the water created by electric water alkalizers, isn’t really alkaline water.
    The pH is artificially enhanced by passing electricity through the water. It has very little power to neutralise acids in the body.
  • REAL alkaline water has alkaline minerals in it, and these do contribute to that storehouse of alkalis I talked about.
    Talk to any of our people if this seems contrary to what you’ve been told.

    Finally, without a unified field of intent, all diets fail.

    99% of diets fail, some diets more than others. And most people who fail blame the diet. There is nothing wrong with an alkaline diet. but without the ‘unified field’ of clear intent, you will give up.
    That’s the simple underlying truth to all diets. But if you take notice of what we have to say, and ask for help, You will gain a better life.
    My trained alkaline specialists can help you with your own alkalizing plan.
    We also have Laura Rimmer, with ten years experience training people just like you to optimise their alkalizing diets.
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