Molecular Hydrogen: How do I know how much I'm getting?

Molecular Hydrogen: How do I know how much I’m getting?

Frankly, you can't!

Here at home I drink hydrogen-rich water from my UltraStream, I use our I LOVE H2 dissolvable tablets with my AlkaWay Greens, and when I meditate, I use my inhaler. If I'm on the road, I take my Hydrogen Pod.

So how can I know how much I'm getting? I have no idea.

The important understanding we need about hydrogen is that it's very, very, very, VERY small and very, very powerful WHEN it finds something in the body it can react to.

Biochemist and the world's leading H2 scientist/supporter, Tyler LeBaron was asked what affect he had noticed from using H2 daily. He replied that he could see no effect. But.. he added I am young, I am very fit, and I don't drink liquor or smoke.

So it can be assumed that if it ain't broke, molecular hydrogen won't fix it. To have a health-supporting effect, it has to meet its ópposite'in the body. Here's where the size of a H2 molecule and the number of molecules you get in say, one glass of UltraStream water matters. One glass basically bombards the body with billions of molecules of H2.

But its size also means that it has unrivalled penetration ability. It goes where no other molecule can because it's so incredibly small. It sails through us like a spaceship headed for Mars, passing into and through muscle, bone, orhans, skin.. and if it meets no molecule it can unite with to neutralise, it will sail on and out of the body.

When you get some idea of the unique way H2 works, you can understand that there can be no rule for everyone. Someone whose lifestyle includes all the naughty foods, who may have chronic inflammation and a plethora of free radicals chomping on their DNA will obviously have a more obvious effect. People who care for themselves, like myself and the team here at AlkaWay, have learned that although they seem to have little effect, ceasing taking some form of H2 daily shows itself as the old and undesirable body state we had pre-H2.

Yes, we do have statistics we could use on how many billions of molecular hydrogen molecules we may be getting from our daily H2 regimen, but as we have discussed, our own health needs and our desire for ongoing naturally vibrant health is more relevant.

For me, I intake as much as I can daily. I know this isn't a very scientific response, but it is the truth. I do this because I believe in the science and I believe in the ability of molecular hydrogen to be the source of my ongoing wonderful health and vitality.

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