MMS. Alterntive Healing gone nutty? ‘Master’ Mineral Solution

MMS. Alterntive Healing gone nutty? ‘Master’ Mineral Solution

Soem years ago I was given a cassette (that shows how long ago!) with a Southern gentleman espousing the benefits of MMS, A.K.A. Master Mineral Solution.

I was listening as I drove the 1000k to Sydney and somewhere past Ballina I threw the cassette out of the window, annoyed .. no, angry at the audacity of the medical claims made by something called the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing .
AIDS? Sure!
Cancer? No problem.
I won't continue but I will say why I was angry. After 20 years of talking to people with serious disease seeking solutions, I have become very sensitive to the many ways vendors inveigle these susceptibles into false hope just to make a few bucks.

Yes, I know.. it still happens with MLM distributors of one water ionizer. And yes, I hate it.

So I was glad to see this article about MMS and to see that some warning has been issued. But.. that was about 15 years ago!
Worth the read, if only to reinforce your already overtaxed scepticism!