Ian's Fave Website Discoveries for last month.

Ian’s Fave Website Discoveries for last month.

Want to argue about climate change? This page tells you the average temperature of where you live for over the last 100 years.

Timed release of turmeric slows almost to a stop bone cancer. Here’s the study.

Wondering why you’re hooked on your internet? Maybe this will help explain
how information is like snacks, money and drugs—to your brain.

How to trick up your humble avocado here.

A quite amazing study of how dogs have adapted their facial expressions to humans. Here

Think you’ve got all you need in your kitchen? Think again!

Feeling a little (or a lot) down? This can help.

Stupid Products Department. A dog paw washer? Really?

Teenagers and their ability to express feelings. Here

Turbo the Biped Chihuahua. A story that moves you.

Why I love my garden. Here.

What happens when your mind is focused on useless things.