Great Websites and articles from Ian

Here’s my pick of the month sites and articles of interest for this month. There’s something here for everyone. ~Ian

~Good Sites and Articles
  • What happens when we fast. Here
  • Can we really create a packaging-free way of life? This man is having a serious try! Here
  • Three simple strategies anyone can do to live longer and preserve your grey matter Here
  • Things a bit tight under your sink? Here’s a great alternative. Available on e-Bay Australia See it here.
  • Do you really want organic vegies all the time? Homegrown? Automatically? Here
  • Tired of patting your dog? This is just what the veterinarian ordered! Here..
  • and a damn good reason to walk the dog today! Here
  • Osteo? Try Eggshell membrane! Here
  • We just watched the years’ best documentary and I’m still reeling from it. It’s called Free Solo and the photographer is Jimmy Chin. Here’s a link to some inspiring work he has done. Prepare to be gobsmacked.
  • Aussie fast food giants load our kids up with salt. Why? Here
  • What you can expect when you enter an old folk’s home. Here
  • Misconceptions about carbs and stress Here