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The UltraStream – Benchtop

Australian Design, Californian made. After over 6000 units in use, UltraStream is acknowledged as the world’s most advanced water filter design. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And.. it’s affordable!

The UltraStream – Undersink

UltraStream combines with its own purpose-designed undersink faucet, saving benchspace and keeping your new kitchen looking tops.

The ceramic faucet is made in the same Californian factory as the UltraStream.

Full instructions included for simple home installation.


Infused Molecular Hydrogen in tablet form. Take H2 anywhere! Fill a bottle, add a tablet, cap it  and wait 5 minutes for high concentration infused hydrogen water.

Undersink Kit

Product Information

This kit allows you to fit the UltraStream under the sink.

It includes all parts required to install the UltraStream under the sink.

Click here to How to install the UltraSteam Undersink Kit

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure the undersink kit fulfills the need for a simple trouble free installation, even without the need for a plumber.

The UltraStream Undersink Installation kit comes from the same factory as the UltraStream in the USA. All parts are US and EU tested. The faucet employs ceramic valves to eliminate leaks and it is all metal construction.
The kit does not include the UltraStream. The UltraStream itself can be purchased here.

UltraStream Undersink Installation Manual PDF

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t try to install the UltraStream without our special vented faucet.  The UltraStream makes hydrogen and a vented faucet must be used.