A New Beginning… Again!

When I look at the sheer volume of writing I've done about water and health over the last 18 years I'm.. er.. a bit gobsmacked. There are over 800 blog posts, hundreds of videos… and still there are people arriving on our site every day simply because one of those items (they might be YEARS old) has been searched on and read by someone somewhere in the world who has NEVER HEARD OF US!

Over the years we've also expanded from the early days in our garage to our own (owned) premises complete with warehouse, lab, conference room, showroom, garden and more. And we are also selling all over the world so we have a whole team of enthusiasts and websites that need constant support and updating.

It's been a real problem to write a new article and have to then copy it to another website, either USA, Spain, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, New Zealand… and so we've been very happy about some new software that allows me to write to you – as I am right now – and then copy it to all of our blogs worldwide, all of our facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.. even to people we really like to keep in touch with!

So this is one of the first of many posts that are simultaneously being views around the world on our world network of sites.

Let me know if it isn't working perfectly: we love your support and assistance.