15 Game Changing Questions To Ask Your Multilevel Water Alkalizer Salesperson.

15 Game Changing Questions To Ask Your Multilevel Water Alkalizer Salesperson.

From a 19 year industry veteran.

  1. Does it make alkaline water? (water with alkaline minerals)
    No.. It’s high pH water with very low alkalizing ability.
    Check this video explainer here.
    Check this discussion of how to alkalize .. or not .. using water and diet
    See how easy it really is to alkalize here.
    Read about the sort of problems that may surface with so-called alkaline water.

  2. What does ORP mean?
    Orp is an INDICATION, shown as an electrical charge in the water of POSSIBLE molecular hydrogen, which has some ability to SUPPORT antioxidant effects in the body. High ORP does not necessarily indicate high H2.
    See this simple explanation of what ORP is.. and isn't.
  3. Does it filter chloramines?
    Chloramines are commonly used in municipal water supply. It does not. To remove or reduce chloramines they’ll try to sell you an expensive extra filter that will go between the alkalizer and your tap.
    Read more about how to buy a water filter here.
    Read more about chloramines in your drinking water here.

  4. Does it filter fluoride?
    It does not. To remove or reduce fluoride they’ll try to sell you another expensive extra filter that will go between the alkalizer and your tap.
    Want to know more about why your new alkalizer should remove fluoride?
    Is fluoride really so bad that it should be removed by your alkalizer? Learn more.

  5. Does it remove heavy metals?
    It does not compared to good water filters that employ better technology. To really remove or reduce heavy metals they’ll try to sell you another expensive extra filter that will go between the alkalizer and your tap.
  6. Does it remove nitrates, Bisphenol-A, PFOA’s, viruses, pharmaceuticals parasites and bacteria?
    Read more about PFOAs here.
    Read more about 1,2,3-TCP here.
    Read about where BPA-A comes from and ask your seller if there is any polycarbonate in his alkalizer. here
    Learn all about how pharmaceuticals are getting into our drinking water here.

  7. Do you need to send it back to the supplier for cleaning annually or more?
    Yes. Ask who pays for that, how often, and whether the warranty depends on it. And perhaps investigate why other ionizers have overcome this expensive necessity.
    See more here
  8. Does it produce molecular hydrogen?
    Yes, some. H2 production is highly dependent on source water and how clean the plates are in the machine. A constant cleanse program is required to maintain H2 output. Without constant 20-minute cleanses you may get no H2.
    Time spent on Google will reveal many more efficient devices at a fraction of the cost.
    See more from a hydrogen expert here
    Read a user's story here.

  9. Is any level of H2 output unconditionally guaranteed?
  10. Does it add alkaline minerals to the water?
    No. It uses electricity to artificially create high pH water which is not the same in terms of health as alkaline minerals. The only alkaline minerals in the water were already in the water it used to make its output water.
  11. Does it microcluster the water?
    Ask for proof that you can understand,. The micro-clustering of ionized water has never been proven, even though it is used relentlessly in selling the units.
  12. Did Otto Warburg really say Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body?
    He did not.
    Check this post about what Otto really said.
  13. What will it cost me every year in replacement of all of my prefilters for chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals etc plus sending it back to the supplier for cleansing plus replacement of the internal filters in the machine?
    Prepare for a shock. Make sure to ask about all the contaminants you want removed, and for actual independent test results over the life of the filter.
  14. If I only sell a unit once or twice a year will I have the same financial benefits as someone who sells a machine a month?
    The MLM system benefits regular and high performers far more.
    You may also be asked to meet certain targets to maintain your status with the company.
    See what you are giving for FREE to sell an MLM water alkalizer here.
  15. Can your seller show you the statutory statement of average earnings as required by government in the US?
    According to the Direct marketing Association, one distributor in 20 will ever get their initial investment back from an MLM scheme. Be firm ask for the statement.
    Read the Life and Death of the Water Ionizer here.

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