12 Minutes to knowing what matters about Molecular Hydrogen and CV-19.

This lovely lady has put together a powerhouse of info in just 12 minutes about how molecular hydrogen works in the body. She talks about how it may support your immunity in the case of a CV-19 situation, but as always, we are posting this purely as information, not to make any therapeutic recommendations. Take what you want, leave what you don’t. We always advise to consult your medico before any decision to change your health regimen.

She also makes some recommendations for good H2 generation systems. By all means check them out but we need to say that we are also H2 experts. We’ve been supplying H2 systems for about six years and ionized water for 20 years, so you’ll get the lowdown from our websites around the world.
(This blog is a goldmine of H2 info in digestible form!)

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